May the time spent together
be as peaceful and happy as possible.

Our desire, as FanconFood, is to distinguish ourselves from our competitors for the passion and attention we put into our work daily and the high quality of our products.

We want to be different. And we are.
This is also why I’m Different was created!

What characterizes us and makes us unique is the very high quality of our food and the meticulousness with which we manage all the phases of the production process and especially the careful research of Human Grade ingredients.

I’m Different foods are an absolute novelty and of exceptional quality, due also to the fact that they are entirely produced within the supply chain dedicated to food for humans.

Proper nutrition is inevitably reflected in the health of our four-legged friends. It is precisely because we too love them and want only the best for them that we offer the healthiest, most digestible products, and thus, the closest possible to a natural diet.

In other words, we want to produce something that your pet will love and that you can buy with your eyes closed, knowing that you have made the best possible choice. The foods we offer are of a quality never seen before and are perfect for the health of dogs and cats and for their general well-being so that time spent together can be as peaceful and happy as possible.



are we different

The secret to our recipes is in the use of few and selected Human Grade ingredients, processed as needed by freeze-drying. This particular process, in addition to minimizing the processing needed to give them a new shape, is ideal for keeping the authenticity of foods intact, which are, therefore, healthier and easier to digest. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, in fact, the nutrients in the food are retained and, subsequently, absolutely no artificial colors or preservatives are added.
Our recipes contain raw meat or fish as the only sources of protein and fruit and vegetables. Human Grade ingredients are selected with the utmost care and are of the highest quality.
Finally, all products are cereal-free, gluten-free and GMO-free.
Because, for us, what’s not present in the food is also important.

I’m different

you will be spoiled for choices!

Every day a different meal for your four-legged friend.
With the I’m Different products, you can.

  • Freeze-Dried Raw DINNER or MIX

Varied and never boring special foods. The I’m Different foods Freeze-Dried Raw DINNER or MIX can be consumed as is, or they can be rehydrated with water to obtain a fresh, balanced food with exceptional flavor.
Single Animal Protein.

  • Freeze-Dried Raw SNACK

As a prize, or simply a treat, our Freeze-Dried Raw SNACK (treats), based on a single animal protein, are perfect.
Single Animal Protein.

  • Freezw-Dried Raw TOPPING

Does your pet have a delicate palate and does not want to give up its usual meal? Our Freeze-Dried Raw TOPPING is perfect for adding and mixing into the food that your dog or cat consumes regularly. The result will be surprising, a bit more flavor to break up the monotony.
Single Animal Protein.

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