How the food is frozen

Freezing is an intelligent preservation method. Slowing down the food decaying process, in fact, keeps its organoleptic and nutritional properties intact, even for a long time.


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Being the main preservative, cold temperatures make deep-freezing one of the most natural food preservation methods. The raw materials are processed and immediately frozen. In this way, the freshness and quality of the product are “blocked” by the cold, without the need for artificial additives.


An important benefit of frozen foods is the careful supervision they are subjected to at every stage of their processing. The use of raw materials in good hygienic conditions but also the speed with which the freezing process must be carried out and the subsequent preservation, along the entire cold chain, at a temperature equal to or below -18°C.


deep-frozen food

To defrost product, it is necessary to leave it in the refrigerator for some time in order to slowly bring it to the ideal temperature. Once this is done, the food can be prepared and then immediately enjoyed by your pet. This makes frozen foods a great solution for the lunch or dinner of our dear friend. Furthermore, frozen foods have nothing to envy fresh products for because they retain all their consistency, aromas and flavors.

The BARF diet.
Raw foods are the ideal food for dogs and cats. Besides being an ancestral reminder of their nature, a diet based on raw food is also considered more balanced and, therefore, rich in health benefits for our four-legged friends.

Our frozen and deep-frozen raw foods are safe. They are not cooked and are only minimally processed.
This allows us to preserve 100% of the nutrients present in the ingredients.

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