A quality choice

For us, as FanconFoods, the search for perfection is fundamental. Our competent and professional management is able to offer foods that boast excellent quality in all aspects.

We believe that global quality starts with the careful selection of only Human Grade raw ingredients before moving to the technological methods of production and nutrition research and finally positively affecting the lives of our animal friends.

We use careful and efficient quality control, which allows us to monitor all production phases and to develop increasingly advanced technologies.

Thanks to our specialized and highly qualified staff, we can analyze the raw ingredients throughout the entire production process and in the final product.

The Research and Development Department is constantly engaged in developing new projects and formulas that offer nutritionally advanced foods suitable for the various needs of our pets.

FanconFoods is your ideal partner for your private label.

A certified Italian production facility
entirely for food

One of our strengths is definitely our production site. The technologically advanced facility guarantees the use of methods that best highlight the raw ingredients used as well as the perfect quality and hygiene of the product.

FanconFoods production facility is Italian and intended entirely for food, an important detail that should not be overlooked.

Our structure is equipped with innovative production lines with high quality standards and strict controls.

All production is carried out in sterile environments at a controlled temperature of 10°C. Furthermore, to ensure maximum control of the health of raw ingredients and finished products, the facility contains remote-control temperature and alarm systems so that all irregularities can be recorded and reported in a timely manner.

The process keeps the entire cold chain intact. In fact, for high quality standards, the raw ingredients are never cooked, which preserves their nutritional integrity.

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