“What the ancestors of our dogs
would have eaten in nature
but more evolved and safe”

Freeze-Dried complete dog food



Complete and balanced freeze-dried dog food made with a single animal protein source. Minimally processed, never cooked, to retain all nutrients and flavor. Perfect as a complete nutritious meal or mixed with kibble for a healthy, nutritious boost. Great taste and easy to digest, ideal for picky eaters.

I'm Different Freeze Dried Snack Raw Ham andI'm Different Freeze Dried Snack Duck for dogs



I’m Different freeze-dried treats are flavorful single protein source treats prepared with just raw meat or raw fish. These functional snacks integrated with red fruits extracts, are perfect for training or reward. They can even be crumbled over your dog’s regular food for added power or taste. We don’t add any artificial preservatives or colorants. Zero grain, gluten and GMO ingredients.

I'm Different Freeze dried meal topper for dogs



Delicious human grade toppers for dog food, gently freeze-dried and made with more than 95% raw meat or raw fish. Make your dog’s meal special and truly unique just sprinkle this “magical dust” on top to his regular food.

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