The best natural freeze dried
dog and cat food

I’m Different® wants to stand out by offering freeze dried dog and cat food packed with human grade ingredients in our human food production facility.

In other words we produce extraordinary superfoods with over 80% real Human grade meat or fish, that is of the same quality that we will eat, because we want to provide our furry friends with the very best in nutrition!

Moreover the secret to our single-protein recipes is in the few select ingredients, gently and minimally processed, as little as possible, to transform them into healthy meals for our pet.


from the ingredients used to the way they’re processed

100% Human Grade means we use ingredients fit for human consumption  processed directly in our Italian food company, just as if it were food for us.

Therefore all our suppliers are exactly the same as those used for the food you find when shopping for your own meals, so you can rest assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality and your pet is receiving everything they need to stay happy and healthy for longer.



from the ingredients to their processing

In the I’m different recipes, ingredients for human nutrition are used, then processed directly in our Italian food company, and are 100% Human Grade, as if it were food for us. The raw materials are high quality; in fact, the suppliers are the same as those who make the products that we find in grocery stores when we go shopping for us.

Freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration process that removes moisture from fresh ingredients without cooking away vital nutrients and flavor


A minimal and slow process,
maximum benefits

We chose freeze-drying because it is a slow and light cold-drying process that prevents vital nutrients from being “cooked away,” preserving vitamins and amino acids, and thus, obtaining healthier and more natural food.

In other words with this method we ensure a less elaborate product, making it more easily digestible, rich in nutrients and great in flavor. In addition, there is no need to add artificial preservatives with freeze-drying.


the benefits of a modern ancestral diet

The consumption of raw foods is something primordial and responds to the natural instinct of carnivores of feeding on raw foods.

However, today the lifestyle and eating habits of dogs and cats has undergone many changes, consequently it would be unthinkable to feed them as they did back then.

That’s why with our minimally and gently processed foods, we can offer them nutrition similar to that desired by their ancestors: very natural and healthy.

In fact, minimally processed ingredients retain all their natural and precious antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.



I’m Different project is innovative also for the materials used for the packaging Tastexplosiom, sustainable and Eco-friendly, as it can be disposed with plastic.


“The excitement of working passionately as well as my infinite love for animals, for their health and for natural and genuine ingredients have inspired my new line of superfood for dogs and cats. Freeze-dried, Frozen and Air-dried foods made with 100% Human Grade ingredients processed directly in our food facility.
Passion is seeing your satisfied smile!

Fabrizio Fancon – Founder

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