A story of tradition
that continues to evolve

“Interest and passion for the food industry has always been a part of me, even before I was born.”

It all started back in 1926 when my grandfather Ernesto Fancon opened his first grocery store. In 1953, my father Pietro expanded the family business and started selling door to door. In 1965, my father’s entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude for innovation led him to start producing animal feeds. Then in 1978, to raise chickens and turkeys and sell poultry for human consumption

In 1991, the combination of a brilliant new idea and the availability of fresh meat was fertile ground for the construction of the first facility in Italy for the production of super premium dry food for dogs and cats, developed with the unique and innovative method of inserting fresh meat directly into dry food.

This brings us to today.

Following in the footsteps of my family and after several years of experience in the pet food industry, I decided to start producing even more advanced, high-quality freeze-dried dog and cat food. These “superfoods” would be healthier and more natural, to give our four-legged friends the food they deserve.

In 2019, FanconFood officially opened with brand “I’m Different”.

Fabrizio Fancon – Founder

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